certified stampWe have spent a bit of time in the past, talking about GMC Trucks and other vehicles for sale at Dominion Motors that might fall into the Certified Preowned cars, trucks, vans or SUV categories.  What does that mean to you as a consumer?  Well, for starters, Certified used cars and GMC trucks for sale in Thunder Bay are going to be chosen with a lot of care as they represent the crème of the crop when it comes to all of the preowned vehicles for sale here at your GMC Truck Dealership.

Besides meeting some rather stringent requirements as most any dealer who sells certified preowned makes it a point to do with these specific vehicles, each and every dealership will often times throw into the mix their very own list of benefits that go along with certification.  Your Thunder Bay GMC Truck Dealership does just that with the following things being included in the purchase of a certified car or truck there.

You will receive an exchange privilege with the purchase of a certified preowned vehicle from Dominon Motors of Canada.  Here is what their website says about this benefit, “With a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle, you can never make the wrong decision.  If you decide the Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle you’ve purchased or leased isn’t right for you, or if you’re not completely satisfied with your choice, simply exchange it for another vehicle. Included with your Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle is a 30 day or 2,500 kilometre exchange privilege. Compare this offer to other manufacturer offers and you will find our exchange offer to be one of the best on the market.”  There are other advantages to buying certified preowned cars, trucks and SUVs from Dominion Motors of Thunder Bay.  Read the next article to find out more.