business, office, school and education concept - businessman talIn our last few blog posts, we talked about the attributes you should look for when shopping for a new car or truck and with the help of Edmunds, we have become more convinced than ever that we at Dominion Motors have the best team in town.  So far we have talked about the following characteristics to look for in a great salesman: Personality, Persistence, Pushy and Perceptive.  In this blog post, we will look at the next two attributes: Phone Savvy and Presentation Skills.

When you purchase a new car or truck these days, you have likely started your shopping experience online and will initiate the process with a phone call.  It is important that your salesman is a great communicator…especially over the phone.  Phone etiquette is something that not every understands and the last thing you want is a salesman who is too pushy or who calls too much.  You should (according to Edmunds) receive a follow up phone call if you leave the dealership and don’t purchase a vehicle.  You should also expect a few follow-up calls from time to time after you have decided to purchase a vehicle.

The next attribute that is mentioned by Edmunds is: Presentation Skills.  If you are shopping for a new car, you need to have it presented to you in an appealing way.  The full potential of the car should be fully on display.  This will likely make or break your decision and will be carried out during the test drive experience.  We believe that you should take more than one test drive and that you should do so in a driving environment that is similar to what you are used to driving in on a daily basis.

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