fire pitWhat can you do around the house where your GMC trucks in Thunder Bay can be helpful?  There are a few easy DIY and home improvement projects for you and your GMC truck, according to the research we recently did on behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC Truck Dealership in ON.

The summer is wrapping up and, even at its beginning, a good power wash of your house, every day home, lake house, or even a small business power washing service, can be assisted greatly with the ownership of a Thunder Bay GMC Truck.  “In the summer heat, aren’t the best projects the ones that let you cool off a little? With the wide open bed of the GMC Canyon, you’ll be able to rent a pressure washer and bring it home to blast away that caked on dust from the past year. While you clean off your house, porch, or front steps, you can also enjoy the mist coming from the washer.”

Many people use their own power to build a homemade barbeque pit.  This task, too, can be greatly sped with the use of a GMC Truck in Canada. Most will use bricks and will need to be capable of hauling those bricks from point A to point B.  Read what one article states on the subject, “Keep the heat of cooking outdoors with your own brick or cement barbecue pit. Summer is barbecue season, and burgers, pork ribs, or chicken, all taste better cooked over a fire. Building your pit is relatively inexpensive and easy, and gives you a great reason to invite some friends over for a cookout. You’ll be happy you have the massive payload of the Sierra 2500 HD when you’re hauling in the bricks, mortar, and wood for your pit.”