Social media conceptIn the current year of 2014 and certainly going forward, it is quite clear that the powers of social media cannot be ignored in the automotive world. From online shopping to buyer’s research on the best vehicles in the market, people are turning to the web for their needs. Another area that can’t be ignored when referencing social media is its power to reflect the reputation of auto-makers and dealerships. The last thing a dealership wants on their plate is a dissatisfied customer who just so happens to have a large Twitter or Facebook following as well. On the flip side…it could be a very good thing for a dealership who is doing things right. Either way…one thing is for sure…customers will talk about their experiences and people will instantly form an opinion about the standard of services the dealership provides.

Your local GMC Trucks dealer in Thunder Bay puts a great deal of importance on your opinion of their business. It is our goal to meet your needs every time you walk through the doors of our dealership and every time we communicate to you regarding your vehicle. Whether you are purchasing a new or used car or having your current vehicle serviced, we respect and appreciate your business. If there is ever a concern or issue, we will strive to make it right for you. Have you had a good experience at Dominion Motors? If so we would love to hear about it! Use your social media outlets to let your friends know too! A referral or a repeat customer is the best compliment we can get and we work very hard to earn that type of recognition. Thank you to all of our dedicated customers!