burning dollar in hand isolated on a whiteIn our last blog, Diagnosing Your Check Engine Light, we discussed the first steps to take if your check engine light is on.  When a check engine light illuminates in your car, it can be very alarming.  You instantly begin to wonder if this is going to be a small problem or one that will cost you hundreds of dollars.  According to Edmunds.com, “10 percent of all cars on the road have a check engine light on, and the drivers of half of these cars have ignored the light for more than 3 months.” Not only are these drivers potentially harming the environment, but they may be spending unnecessary money on fuel due to related problems that could be easily and inexpensively fixed. Some common problems that could be setting off the light (according to carMD) include: O2 sensors, a loose gas cap, the catalytic converter, a mass air flow sensor, or spark plug wires.

If you are considering diagnosing the problem yourself, heed these words from Dan Edmunds: He self-diagnosed his wife’s car and made plans to fix the sensor himself only to find the wires leading to it were chewed up by mice. He had decided to take it to a professional and it saved him money in the long run. Even automotive experts can see the importance in getting mechanical advice from qualified service technicians to avoid unnecessary costs.

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