worth the moneyLet’s look a little closer at the inside of the newest GMC trucks this year, shall we?  The updates are not as vast as many other GMC cars and GMC trucks have been in the past, but they are there, none the less, and rather important, according to your new and used car dealer in Thunder Bay Canada this year.  Here is what one press release had to say on the subject, “The interior gets an equally important update, highlighted by improved materials and an available 8-inch touchscreen, which comes complete with smartphone-like apps and voice controls designed to make it easier and safer to interact with mobile technology.”

Along with many other new cars and new trucks in the GM lineup this year, The GMC trucks in the Canyon family also gain and benefit from the very  latest and more capable version of OnStar.  Included with this new GMC trucks version of OnStar at your local new GMC trucks dealer in Thunder Bay, is a fast 4G LTE connection and an in-car WiFi hotspot functionality.  Other inside technology that is well worth discussing would be the safety focused features like the forward collision and lane departure warning systems that are available in the GMC trucks in Thunder Bay Canada this year, along with an included standard rearview camera on each and every new truck.

You will pay for the GMC trucks in the Canyon family, but most all of us agree that anything worth what these trucks are offering, comes at a premium of some sort.  And, you do get what you pay for without a doubt.  When shopping for and considering a GMC Canyon truck from Dominion Motors for purchase, many consumers actively compare this truck to the Nissan Frontier and the Toyota Tacoma.  These two trucks do have a little smaller price tag, however, you have to consider that they are much older options on the new truck market and that, as stated before, the GMC trucks really are worth the money.  Drive one in Thunder Bay today and decide for yourself!