older driverAt your Thunder Bay GMC Trucks Dealership we wanted to take a minute to discuss with you the “silver tsunami”, or expected wave of older folks that has been building now for many years and is expected to continue to grow and reach its peak as that particular demographic enters into their geriatric years, sources say.  From a new and used GMC Truck Dealer perspective, we want to discuss how this affects us, and the answer is that many, if not potentially all, of these older folks will likely still be on the roadways driving amongst us.  This is no real cause for concern, necessarily, as many of these older folks have taken to driving longer than ever before, however, it is a definite truth that our senses are less sharp, along with our abilities, as we age.

There are some things that are being employed in an attempt to help these older drivers be safe.  Our online source, Edmunds, mentions the following:  “From music to medical care, baby boomers have exerted enormous influence on society and they will likely rewrite the rules of what it means to age and drive, too. But boomer drivers can’t escape the toll that aging can take. AAA points out that nearly 90 percent of motorists age 65 and older suffer from health issues that may affect driver safety.”

We are most definitely, here at your Dominion Motors GMC Truck Dealership near Thunder Bay, not suggesting that these older people not drive as it is an essential asset to mental health, allowing people to maintain their independence for as many years as possible.  “Helping seniors remain mobile with new technologies and a good car fit is important for quality of life,” says AAA spokesman Michael Green.  Stay tuned for future posts on more specifics on behalf of your Thunder Bay New and Used GMC Truck Dealer in Canada.