safetyWithin the next 6 years, it is expected that all new vehicles, such as GMC Trucks in Canada, will be manufactured and sold with automatic emergency braking systems, or AEB.  This particular technology is able to sense and prevent situations that would result in imminent collision between two cars or GMC Trucks.  It also senses the same thing when your Thunder Bay GMC Truck is about to collide with a person or obstacle and will totally brake independent of any driver involvement.  This is slated to be standard equipment by the year 2022.

“Full adoption of automatic emergency braking will provide a considerable benefit to the public, and our analysis shows that the introduction of this life-saving technology has led to very few quality issues or customer concerns so far,” said Dave Sargent, vice president, global automotive at J.D. Power. “Our Early Warning System will allow any emerging issues to be quickly identified and addressed, but so far so good.”

The US government is headed down the path that likely other countries will follow, such as Canada for starters.  The main reason cited for the movement in these new and used GMC Trucks and other vehicles who will adopt such a braking feature is due to an agreement made with the IIHS, or Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.  They looked at crashes reported by police and found that this feature did indeed reduce the number of crashes by 39% when looking at rear end collisions.  This stat cannot be totally credited to AEB, however, as the forward-collision alert systems are also being sourced as one of the reasons for the drastic reduction in collisions among these technologically advanced Thunder Bay GMC Trucks for sale in Ontario Canada.