Orange Check Engine Indicator Dash LightIn this blog series, your dealer of GMC Trucks near Thunder Bay will tell you fourteen tips to increase the life of your car.

1) Do Not Drive

This first and easy tip sounds simple but it is often over-looked, it is also the easiest way to make your car last.

Odds are you are using your car more often than it really needs to be used. Many times there are options such as biking, buses, carpooling, or walking. These options are not only better for you pocket book they are also better for the environment and your own health.

2) Quit Taking Short Drives

A drive of ten minutes or less is exceptionally hard on a vehicle, producing unnecessary wear and tear. This is because during these short drives your car’s engine never has the opportunity to reach its optimal operating temperature.

Why does that matter? Here’s why; when an engine runs one of the by-products of the combustion is water. When an engine is allowed to achieve its operating temperature the water becomes vapor and is disposed, through either the crankcase or the tailpipe. When on a short drive the engine does not reach its optimal temperature and the water is not disposed of. Regrettably water is what will cause rust on the inside of an engine. And this rust will be what kills your car in the long run.

This is not the only problem that water will cause, when water condenses it will dilute your oil. When the oil has been diluted it no longer lubricates the engine as well. If you consistently take short drives we recommend that you have your oil changed every 2,000-3,000 miles.