Full length side view of young businessman looking in car trunkThere is so much to know that will help you keep your GMC Truck near Thunder Bay in the best shape. Lots of what you can do is simple day to day maintenance. This blog holds the next tip.

5) Take off the all extra weight.

Most of us know that when were hauling a couple extra pounds we don’t feel 100%. Right after you eat a big meal you feel stiff, you move slower.. if you move at all! This is the same idea when you are hauling more weight than what is needed in your car. It puts extra strain on the engine and also makes braking, exhaust, and even suspension complications. It places extra demands on our engine, and it creates suspension, braking and even exhaust troubles. Overall, it is better to have less weight in your car.

This lesson is one that should be applied to your car as soon as possible. The excess weight will add unnecessary strain to your critical systems. This strain will cause premature wear and aging. Be sure to take a look through your car and remove unnecessary items such as golf clubs or even a stroller that you do not need at the moment.

The next step is removing anything on the outside of the car that causes drag. These items that cause aerodynamic drag make it so your engine has to work over time. So you might think about removing that big bug shield on the front of your truck. And if you aren’t using the luggage racks they should be removed as well. You might think they make you look cool, but they really don’t.