Car mechanic changing oil - model and oil motion blurred.Here are the next few tips from your dealer of GMC Trucks In Canada.

8) Change all of your important fluids.

If you drive your car or do not drive your car the fluids that it runs will decay regardless. This is a problem because each of the separate fluids are key to longevity of the brakes, steering, transmission, and your engine. Just refiling the fluids when they get low is not enough over time the fluids will lose their most important properties like preventing rust, heat, or the ability to lubricate well.

Some fluids are more important than others: power-steering, oil, differential, brake, transmission and antifreeze are among these. While fluids such as washer fluid is not as important.

The most common fluid replaced is the engines oil. This can seem like an expense that you are paying a lot, but do not skip it. The engines oil is what keeps the heart of your car running smoothly and cooly. Without fresh oil it would seize and cost you thousands of dollars.

One of the most commonly overlooked fluid changes is differential fluid and transmission fluid. These services are among the important one. If you are wanting to hang on to your car forever then our suggestion is to get these two fluids checked every 60,000 miles regardless of what your owners manual says. Clean, fresh transmission fluid ensures that the car’s drivetrains stays uncontaminated and cold. Occasionally a car will have to separate differentials, be sure to ask your mechanic if yours does. If your car is among the ones that has two make sure you are getting both sets of oil changed. While it is easy to ignore these services make sure that you aren’t. A trashed differential or can transmission cost thousands of dollars. While a regular maintenance will only cost $100 for both differentials and $150 for the transmission fluid.