Winter TireHere are the next tips from your dealer of GMC Trucks near Thunder Bay, Cananda.

11) Talk About Plans For Your Car With Your Mechanic

Some do not need a vehicle to last for 150,000+. Because of this not all mechanics will have a long lasting plan when they perform regular maintenance. If you as an owner tell your mechanic that you plan to keep your car for years he will spend more trying to make sure to see the symptoms before they get worse.

It will not hurt to remind your mechanic regularly that you are hoping for a long well running life for your car. Like anyone else mechanics can be forgetful when doing there jobs. They can focus on the main problem instead of checking for signs of future problems with your machine. Hopefully catching the problems while they are still small and inexpensive.

12) If Your Car Has Salt on it Wash it.

We understand that you spend most of the winter months in snow, salt and grime. Because of this unlike many you are familiar with the devastation that road salt can take. When these months hit most will not wash their car’s thinking to themselves that it is a waste of time. they couldn’t be more wrong.

Salt will quicken the appearance of rust on even the newest of models. But it is not enough to just wash the outside of the car. Our advice is easy; during the salt months wash the underside of your car as many times as you can. By doing this most of the salt will be removed from your car taking with it any damage it might cause.