father sonThe newest marketing agenda for GMC Trucks has been implemented recently and we discussed some of the details here today, we are moving on to cover even more of the scoop regarding what the latest appeal to GMC Trucks consumers will be in Canada and other places around the world.  “The new ads, filmed in Canada, feature GMC Denali trucks and SUVs — the pinnacle of Professional Grade. The campaign also debuts the all-new GMC Terrain, which launches later this summer. Terrain joins the hot-selling, recently redesigned GMC Acadia in the GMC SUV lineup.”

The lead ad is entitiles, “How Do You Want To Live — Anthem,” and is scheduled to appear in 30 and 60 second increments.  The idea behind this showcase is to highlight people in Canada, and elsewhere, who are always reaching higher and pushing themselves to be the best in everything they do.  It will transition in the GMC Trucks Canada marketing push to include a modification in the “Dad Like A Pro” series that is scheduled to appear a little before and run through Father’s Day weekend.  This will also crop up during the final round of a golf tournament and likely other manly terrain.

As if that wasn’t seeming to grasp enough attention on its own, the GMC trucks of Thunder Bay will get an added push off the showroom floor when we see the emotional connection between what we watch and a real life father and son duo in the ads.   “The emotional connection in the spot is further enhanced by the casting of a real-life father and son. During the summer, a new Acadia spot called ‘Third Row Like A Pro’ will be added. This spot showcases a parent maximizing the versatility and capability of the GMC Acadia. In unique time-lapsed editing, you see the driver manage three rows, three sports … no problem.”  GMC will likely have success in these advertisements as they are also very friendly faces behind the trucks.