shutterstock_73655116Now that winter is almost officially here, bring on the winter out door activities.  I am talking skiing, snow shoeing, cross country skiing,  dog sledding, snow boarding, winter camping, ice racing, and my favorite snowmobiling.  One thing that is great about living in the Thunder Bay area is the access to amazing parks and just nature in general.  How you get to some of these awesome parks and scenic landscapes is very important.   This is north west Ontario, and the weather this time of year is always interesting.  You need a vehicle that is going to be able to get you there, and that vehicle is the GMC truck Sierra series.

Obviously I am talking about the four wheel drive model with a crew cab.  The crew cab is more family (or multiple passenger) friendly; plus it allows for the most amount of storage space.  Ultimately thought of as the best work truck available on the rode, the Sierra has come a long way over the past few years to improve its interior design.

Standard features now include Intellelink which lets you remotely start your truck from virtually anywhere you have internet service for your smart phone or tablet.  The interior has been updated in the new 2014 model to bring both comfort and convenience. GMC has been striving lately to open their market up to families rather than just farmers and construction companies.  The truck is no longer just a work horse.  It’s now the family vehicle.

With several models to choose from, this GMC truck is perfect for many different price points.  Whether you are looking for a base model with no frills or the Denali series with all the bells an whistles, the Sierra is right truck for you.  We here in northern Ontario like to get out in nastiest weather and play.  Get the truck that let you.  Your GMC trucks sales dealer in Thunder Bay can’t wait to see you.