take a second lookHere comes a little second ditty about some upcoming new trucks that deserve a second, more intense looking into, indeed.  Looking further into the GMC Canyon in the GMC truck lineup of Dominion Motors in Thunder Bay for 2016, we find even more to get enthused about.  Why go with the 4WD version of these trucks, you might ask?  Well, each one comes with a  new and exclusive integrated trailer brake controller. All 4WD versions also get a new, electronically controlled 2-speed transfer case that come with them right out of the gate

We discussed much of the ins and outs of the Duramax engine too, in the previous post about the GMC Canyon trucks.  “Another tangible benefit of opting for Duramax power includes impressive jumps in towing capacity and Gross Vehicle Weight Rating numbers.”  Like to pull large loads do you?  Well the max trailer loads go all the way to 7,700 pounds on the Canyon rear wheel drive GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay.  In addition to that, they can go as heavy as 7,600 on 4WD models.

Did you know that Kelley Blue Book named these trucks a best buy for 2015 and that the 2016 versions of these new trucks are going to do nothing but improve?  With the addition of the Duramax equipped versions of these new trucks, they will benefit from all of the enhancements previously mentioned, like IntelliLink infotainment system, featuring Apple CarPlay capabilities.  When will we be given the chance to see, drive and buy one of these awesome new GMC trucks from Thunder Bay?  Well, the answer is that the 2016 GMC Canyon with Duramax option is slated to arrive in showrooms this fall.