new and improvedHere we are again, continuing a conversation regarding the upcoming Chevy Bolt, the all electric car that they so desperately needed to introduce onto the market.  First off, they haven’t had one until now, secondly, this one is in a range of affordable and long lasting for the battery.  It is such, that the researchers whose work we read on behalf of your GMC Truck Dealer in Ontario, think this car will really open up many doors for folks who want electric but cannot settle for the current price and limits to range on the existing new electric cars for sale today.

Your Thunder Bay GMC Truck Dealer is excited to be talking about an electric car that could change the industry in this particular category.  As we read back in January, and is a good reminder today, “Those of us who have surnames starting with ‘V’–including this editor–are deeply familiar with the inability of many people to distinguish between ‘V’ sounds and ‘B’ sounds.”  However, the name is gonna stick, like it or not.  GMC recently announced that too many people are associating the name Bolt with Chevy to turn back now.  Don’t forget, Chevy has the Spark, but this car can be purchased as electric or gasoline and most folks opt for the gasoline engine.  The Chevy Bolt will be EV only.

The best thing about the upcoming Chevy Bolt EV, according to your Thunder Bay GMC Truck Sales and Service in Ontario, is the price tag and long range battery.  You are talking about getting into one of these new electric cars for $37,500 and driving 200 miles at a time.  That is double the Ford and Nissan currently, though there are definitely plans to extend those two in the very near future.  In fact, that is another great thing about the Chevy Bolt.  It will cause the others to stand up and take notice and push them to offer more range and lower price tags too.