When it comes to changing engine oil, there are few things more important for the life and well-being of your new and used GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay ON.  It is by far one of the most important maintenance tasks associated with owning a truck, SUV, or crossover. Knowing when to change your oil is incredibly important, and the Engine Oil Life Monitor, found in most new GMC truck models, not only helps owners keep their GMC properly maintained, but also maximize their maintenance investment.

The reason for the importance of an oil change has to do with the fact that an engine contains thousands of moving parts, like valves, pistons, camshafts, and so on. These parts require proper lubrication in order to function properly and prevent damage to your GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay.  The chemical compounds found within engine oil help give these parts sufficient lubrication, but over time, they wear down and are less effective as the oil ages. An oil change will drain old oil and replace it with fresh new oil, helping to keep the GMC Truck engine properly lubricated.

Years ago, engine oil changes were typically prescribed at a set interval, which was usually based upon mileage. It wasn’t uncommon to see owner’s manuals and maintenance shops advising drivers change oil every 3,000 or 5,000 miles.  If you are driving a truck that hauls heavy loads regularly, or you are driving it in inclement weather often, then your oil change needs will be different than someone who is driving in milder conditions all the time.  It is nice to have a means to know when the oil change is due and that is what the Oil Life Monitor will do for you on your next GMC Truck in Ontario.  Ask your Thunder Bay GMC Truck dealer for more details today.