oil changeDid you ever wonder what takes place after you drop off your new and used cars, trucks and SUVS to be serviced at your GMC truck Thunder Bay Service Center for an oil change?  You should be doing so every 3,000 miles in order to comply with what vehicle experts recommend.  There are some new and used GMC trucks in Canada that can go longer between trips to service, especially depending on the oil being used when it is changed, but for the most part, 3,000 miles is a very good gauge.

Here is what one GMC trucks service website says about the importance of the process and the regularity of that trip to service, “An oil change is also one of the most important aspects of vehicle maintenance, since without it, the oil in your car can become dirty and cause serious damage to the engine.”  There are definite steps involved in the oil change of your GMC Trucks in Canada.

They need to first check the fluid levels in your GMC Trucks, along with the condition of the oil that is there.  This will tell them just how well you have been taking care of your vehicle.  The second step for your GMC Trucks in Canada, as they go through an oil change in the service department of your new GMC Trucks Dealer in Thunder Bay, is to have the old oil drained to make room for the new.  Then, we have the oil filter for your new or used Truck.  “An oil filter removes impurities, such as dirt and flecks of metal, from the oil before it goes into the engine, similar to the kidneys in the human body.  If the filter gets too coated in oil, it can no longer do its job.”  Stay tuned for more of the step by step process involved when you get your next oil change.