best choice bubbleFor sale at your GMC Truck Dealer in Thunder Bay are some stunning, totally redesigned for this year, new pickup trucks in the GMC Truck family.  Here, we are talking more about the GMC Sierra 2500 for sale now from Dominion Motors in Canada.  Towing and hauling are done with ease when it comes to these new trucks.  The abilities are ample, “And features such as integrated cruise control, automatic grade braking, trailer sway control and, on diesels, diesel exhaust braking, all help make towing smoother and easier”, says a writer on Edmunds site.

There are enough configurations to make these GMC Trucks rank right up there with Ford when it comes to flexibility they present to the everyday new truck buyer.  “With potent power plants and a wide range of body styles, trim levels and options, the Sierra 2500HD can serve as anything from a basic work truck to a plush six-passenger tow vehicle for your luxury RV or horse trailer.”  As mentioned earlier, the towing and hauling ability is stellar too…with maximums of 3,760 and 17,900 pounds respectively, you can’t really find much it cannot do from a power perspective in Thunder Bay ON.

We are selling them new here, the GMC Trucks in the Sierra 2500 lineup, that is, and we love the revamp they got this year at Dominion Motors.  Reviews about new trucks this year all recognize that there are a handful of them really worthy of our attention.  The GMC Sierra is one of those few indeed.  “Still, you won’t go wrong choosing the 2015 GMC Sierra 2500HD, as it earns our praise for its compliant ride, smooth powertrains, solid build quality and strong overall performance.”  Stop by your GMC Truck sales floor of our Dominion Motors Car Dealership in Thunder Bay and let us take you out for a spin in one of these awesome new trucks today!