guy with thumbs upWe just began a two-part series of posts on new and used GMC trucks and the importance of educating yourself on the differences in what you will likely see on the open used  and new trucks marketplace before you set out shopping to find what you think you want in Thunder Bay ON.  We already discussed in the first part of this series the differences in type of trucks and some of the differences from one cab design to the next with GMC trucks.  Now we will look even further at some of the areas in which we believe it would be wise to become educated as well before setting out to buy your next pre-owned car or new GMC truck in Ontario Canada at your local Dominion Motors in Thunder Bay.

Let’s look at price, now, if we may?  Used trucks in general offer base model vehicles, just like the new trucks that they once were.  And, base model compact trucks are some of the least expensive vehicles you will find on the market too.  So, if you are looking for a great deal on a used car, your best deal out there could actually be a used truck like the certified pre-owned GMC trucks for sale at your Dominion Motors of Thunder Bay.  However, used trucks, just like the new ones can run the gamut in pricing, with the higher premium models that are feature full running in the low thirty thousands with the compact trucks for sale in Canada.  Expanding into the full size spectrum of used trucks in the GMC family at your Dominion Motors, you will find the following changes…full-size used trucks range from low $20,000s to low $50,000s depending on features and other variables.

You will also need to decide upon the engine and resulting fuel economy for which you are seeking, regardless of whether you end up with GMC trucks, or another brand, and whether you are focused on used or new trucks.   The compact trucks, for example, typically offer a four, five, six and eight cylinder variations, all depending on who makes the truck and which strength engines it offers under the hood.