targetIn the 2018 lineup of cars and GMC Trucks in Canada, there are some that fare better than others.  We are here to talk trucks today, on behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC Truck dealer and want to talk about the newest ones hitting the scenes.  Based on the reality of the midsize truck world, once a thriving segment, but dwindling in popularity over the last couple of decades, until finally it hovered near extinction, the GMC Truck sales and service details are a must read.

First off, why the threat to their existence, you may ask.  Is that because buyers no longer want them, or, perhaps possess a lack of satisfaction at the offerings?  “Long-perceived as a sporty “toy” vehicle, the midsize truck had languished in neglect and most of the remaining vehicles were woefully outdated.”  This, according to sources we read from when gathering information on behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC Truck Sales and Service in Canada.  Also concluded by our research is the enticement away from midsized truck consumers by the SUV industry.  “Buyers had gradually been lured away by the better-equipped and more practical crossover segment. Then, General Motors introduced the new GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado. GM believed that a small truck featuring the capability of a full-size light duty pickup, combined with the practicality and comfort of a crossover, would bring those buyers back.”

Other manufacturers have taken notice of the newly rejuvenated segment and the wave began to form. Toyota brought in a brand new Tacoma this year and there is talk that many different new truck manufacturers are not far behind.  So, now the segment is once again competitive much to the pleasure of truck buyers everywhere.  GMC repaved the road with their excellent choices in midsize trucks and many others have followed.  Stay tuned for details on the quality of these new GMC trucks in Canada, coming up next.