happy guyOne of the most exciting vehicles that we offer for sale this year at your Dominion Motors GMC Truck Dealership in Thunder Bay is the 2015 GMC Sierra 2500HD.  Totally redesigned this year, you will see a revamped and highly improved interior space, styling that is second to none and updated from before as well as safety features that will put your mind at ease for you and your loved ones ride.  And, these are just a few of the things that are NEW about these incredible GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay ON this year

GMC has been dedicated to truck making for some time now.  Regardless of the Dealer for whom you work, or car dealership from where you buy, everyone basically knows the relationship between GMC trucks and Chevy trucks.  They are essentially twins in the styling and functioning arenas.  Both manufacturers making easy to service new trucks that, generally speaking, need little that goes beyond routine service work.  The Chevy match to these GMC Trucks at your Dominion Motors in Thunder Bay would be the Chevy Silverado 2500HD…a highly acclaimed pickup truck.

“This year’s fully redesigned Sierra brings new styling, a new double cab model (which slots in between the regular and crew cabs) and an improved cabin, both in terms of quality and features. Unchanged are the formidable powertrain options.”  With intensely powerful engine choices, along with body style and trim level options galore, these new GMC Trucks from Thunder Bay ON are competing nicely with Ford Trucks when it comes to the variety of their selections in new trucks from your local new and used truck dealerships.  You will also get all you need in the hauling and towing categories, “With maximum hauling and towing capacities of 3,760 and 17,900 pounds, respectively, this Sierra should be able to handle most tasks with ease.”