mediumAre you looking for a new truck that isn’t huge?  Do you qualify as someone who wants their new truck to be highly capable?  You will likely want to further explore the 2015 GMC Canyon then.  Of all the GMC trucks available, this one seems to do the trick for those of us who want plenty of ability without taking up a full size truck space.

Here is what one online writer has to say about these new GMC trucks for sale at your Dominion Motors in Thunder Bay.  “The 2015 GMC Canyon won’t replace a full-size pickup in our garage, but reminds us why mid-sizers are a good alternative for drivers that covet utility over ultimate payload and towing numbers.”  Anyone in the past, looking for something in the GMC trucks category that wasn’t a full size truck had only two choices and neither one was a GMC truck, nor were their options very fresh or feature-filled.  The GMC Canyon for 2015 in Thunder Bay, changes all of that.

In fact, these GMC trucks are sharing the spotlight with the Chevy Colorado since they are practically identical when it comes to their layout, not so much the same in style, however.  Visit your GMC Trucks Dealer in Thunder Bay and you will see the differences up close as we describe to you any and all factors to consider before you buy your next new truck.  It is expected that many GMC Canyon fans will be people who may now be driving crossovers only because they couldn’t find the right truck in terms of size and functionality.  GMC dealers, such as your Dominion Motors truck dealer of Thunder Bay, hope to convert these customers back into truck owners and put them back at home behind the wheel.