historyGMC trucks have been up against Chevy for many years now and hve recently really popped out from behind their shadows and we are excited to tell you all of the details as to why this is true.  “After nearly a century in Chevrolet’s shadow, the GMC truck brand is stepping into the spotlight.”  From your Thunder Bay GMC Truck Dealership, we have the good news you have been waiting for as a GMC customer.

GMC has long before developed a reputation for having GM’s best-built trucks. And, from all that we have done in the way of research on behalf of your GMC Truck Sales in Thunder  Bay, we believe this to be totally true.  .”As with most of GM’s growth in its early days, GMC was cobbled together from a couple of other companies: Rapid Motor Vehicle and Reliance Motor, both of which built their first trucks in Detroit in 1902.”  Let’s take a little history lesson for the beginning of our GMC Truck journey that we plan to continue on with from here.

Founded by the Grabowsky brothers in Detroit in 1902, GMC, had a G in its name that was totally unrelated with the men’s names.   The “G” in its name has nothing to do with them at all, as a matter of fact. They called their firm Rapid Motor Vehicle Co. GMC’s second ancestor was the Reliance Motor Co., which built cars and trucks. “General Motors bought those companies and merged them into the General Motors Truck Co. in 1909.”  The company began with a GMC Truck that was originally a two cylinder delivery truck, according to your GMC Truck Dealership in Canada.  For more details on the full history of GMC and GMC trucks in Canada, stay tuned to this Thunder Bay blog from your Canada GMC Truck sales for more history tid-bits.