top 3When it comes to new trucks, specifically new GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay ON, there are many models that make the top ten list.  In fact, there are plenty of them that make the top three list also.  One question becomes, “Does anyone in Alberta ever buy a car? From observing traffic on the province’s roads, it appears not.”  In fact, in our recent research done on behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC Trucks, Statistics show that in 2017, 81 per cent of new vehicle buyers in Alberta chose a truck. I would venture to guess that the stats are similar in other parts of Canada, such as Thunder Bay Ontario.

The stats also reveal Alberta and Thunder Bay are Canada’s third largest car-buying market, with sales by Detroit based OEMs one of the highest in Canada, taking more than 58 per cent of market share. Some of the top trucks are Ford F150, Dodge Ram and the GMC Sierra.  Since we are here to write on behalf of your GMC trucks in Canada, we will start with the GMC Sierra, with 12,784 units sold.

If GM were to assemble only one truck instead of two under different name plates, the GMC Sierra and Chevy Silverado, their combined numbers at almost 24,000 units would have “put the automaker just behind Ford.”  However, keeping the units separate still gave GM the third and fourth positions. According to all we read on behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC Trucks in Canada, that is quite impressive to cover two of the top spots like that, as a team and as a whole.  “The Sierra — GMC’s best-selling truck — rolled into 2017 with a fresh front-end and small interior improvements, while 2018 was the year for an all new Sierra as a 2019 model that is on dealer lots now.”


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