latest newsWe began a series in regards to the latest news on GMC Trucks and specifically that of the airflow system.  There is a new hood intake on the lineup of GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay ON and the addition will give these new trucks a better and more efficient way of air flow.  In order to maximize the trucks’ necessary combustion, air must be both cool and dry.  The new system accomplishes all of that and more, by allowing for greater force and more air to flow with the speed of these new Ontario GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay.

The first 60% of the air used by these trucks, will come from the hood scoop discussed here and the other 40% is mentioned below, “A secondary intake in a front fender accounts for the other 40 percent of airflow, and ensures the engine can still breathe if the hood is blocked.”  To make sure that the dryness factor is covered when it comes to the air being taken in, the 2017 GMC Trucks in the super duty segment, will also possess an air/water separator.  The air will be forced through a 180 degree turn that will cause any moisture to come together in the form of large water droplets.  These droplets will then be sent outside of the housing by centrifugal force and drained off.

According to research done on behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC Truck Sales and Service in Ontario, the following is true:  “Chevrolet believes the new hood scoop and intake system will make the Silverado 2500 HD perform better in harsh conditions.”  The opinion isn’t only one that was found in various articles, it is also shared by the people who had a hand in making the system, “The chief engineer for the Silverado HD, Eric Stanczak, said in a press release that its engineers considered the scenario of a Silverado owner towing a maximum-weight trailer through the notorious Eisenhower Tunnel on a hot, rainy summer day.”  The above quote, also goes to show that the design was made with consumers in mind.  Come drive one at your GMC Truck Dealership in
Thunder Bay today!