GMC SierraThe GMC trucks that we offer for sale here at Dominion Motors Car Dealer in Thunder Bay are as good as it gets for someone looking to own a new truck.  In this post, we will focus on the brand new GMC Sierra in the GMC trucks lineup that was very recently overhauled, improving upon an already great new truck offering for this year.  The hauling and towing abilities of these new GMC trucks is better than most others on the market today, so if you are looking for a truck in Canada that can do some serious work, you will want to drop by your Dominion Motors of Thunder Bay to drive the GMC Sierra today.

For 2015, fuel economy and performance have been significantly improved upon for the new lineup of GMC trucks at your local new truck dealer.  The inside of these new trucks offer so many new ports and connections that there really is no job that cannot be done on the go with the new GMC Sierra.

Both of the main GMC trucks for 2015 received new powertrains last year.  The Silverado and the GMC Sierra gained nicer looking and more functional cabs as well as more stunning styling touches, and a brand new infotainment system that functions beyond most others at your new car dealerships.  Safety features were also enhanced drastically for both new trucks this year.  As a result, these new GMC trucks in Thunder Bay are much closer to the competition and are actually giving trucks in the Ford and Ram categories a true run for the money.  The only way you will really know this for certain is if you take the time to experience one or more of these new GMC trucks for yourself.  Drop by your Dominion Motors Truck Dealer today and we will show you exactly what we mean.