catch upWhen it comes to trucks in the market for your Canada Dealers near Thunder Bay, we like to focus on the GMC Trucks for sale in Ontario.  We are here to really focus on some of the better ones this year, including the GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay at your local dealership, such as the GMC Canyon.  “Auto industry discussions lately have centered on the downward trend of overall sales numbers, especially when looking at year-to-date sales. Naturally, that’s not the whole story. Many new-vehicle buyers are opting for crossovers, SUVs and pickup trucks over smaller, more economical cars, as June sales numbers show.”

As recently as June, GMC trucks in Canada are selling greater numbers than ever before as the above trend proves itself.  We know that the GMC Truck sales in Canada have been on the rise, so getting the critics to discuss and confirm this is even better than just our suspicion and hunch.  When it comes to people following a trend towards buying more trucks and SUVS, this is being well received from the auto makers’ perspective, according to critics.  “From the auto manufacturers’ point of view, this is just fine because larger trucks have a higher profit margin. According to Automotive News (subscription required), during the last eight years, the majority of truck sales have happened between July and December, and you can see why — even in this overall sales slump — automakers are doing all right.”

In the mid-size pickup class, the Toyota Tacoma is finishing on top, yet the GMC trucks in Canada serve to be the most popular new trucks all over Thunder Bay, so it really depends upon who you talk to.  “We should also note that the Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon are on a record pace once again. Mid-sizers are hot.”  GMC trucks are on the rise in the full size category as well, with Ford being the only manufacturer that they need to focus on catching up to for next month and for the year.