GMC logoThe number of midsize pickup trucks on the market today has been drastically reduced compared to what we saw just five short years ago.  The profit margin in these particular trucks is less than the full size segment, and buyers’ tendencies have shifted in such a way as to make this segment less appealing to most manufacturers.  GMC Trucks, however, are doing what they can to reinstate the midsize truck by introducing not just one, but two new models to the GMC Trucks lineup in the midsize class this year. stated the following, regarding these two new GMC Trucks, for sale at your Truck Dealership in Thunder Bay, “The 2015 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon are just now hitting showrooms, and GM is confident both midsize models will find success with today’s truck buyers.”  You may wonder where the confidence comes from considering most manufacturers are still out on the midsize truck business.  Well, as it turns out, dealers are showing so much interest in the midsize category of new trucks, that these two GMC Trucks had 40,000 orders from certified dealerships before they ever went on sale.  In addition to this, there were 100,000 configurations done by customers on the website, each of whom worked to customize their very own Canyon or Colorado truck.

GMC Trucks plans on beefing up an extremely aggressive advertising campaign to help push these new trucks even further this fall.  The Chevy Colorado is going to target those looking for a new truck that will adapt well to the practical lifestyle “for active people living in suburban and urban environments.”  Perhaps slightly less practical, the GMC Trucks in the Canyon family will be more upscale for those looking to gain more in the way of flash and pizazz.  In order to further promote the idea of a midsize truck market once again, GMC feels an upper scale option, such as the GMC Canyon is exactly in order, mentioning that this segment has never seen one before.