sky the limit“Have we found the ceiling yet? I don’t think so,” said Stuart Pierce, marketing manager for the GMC Sierra.  When it comes to the newest trucks on today’s market, we all have seen a lot of guts and glory poured into these amazing rides.  The prices go up with the trucks, as the GMC Trucks in Canada, along with all the other new and used trucks all over the country and other countries around the globe get more and more powerful, intriguing and capable.

“In 2014, what a consumer paid for a car or truck sold in the U.S. hit a record high average of $32,386 — a 17.5% increase compared with 2004, according to, while the average transaction prices for the entire pickup segment has risen to $40,696 over the same period, a 41.3% increase.”  You really do get what you pay for, though.  It isn’t as if trucks have seen some random spike in prices and not been able to show just where the money is going and what you are getting when you spend more with each passing year.

Doug Scott, Ford’s truck group marketing manager, was reported as saying that many of the customers who are paying $50,000 or more for a pickup are paying even more for the horses or horse trailers that the truck is being used to tow. So, the thing is, if you want capability that exceeds most other new trucks, then you will likely have other expenses that go along with the purchase of the trucks you are shopping for at your new and used GMC Truck dealership in Thunder Bay ON.  And, according to experts in the field, it isn’t over with yet, the climb, that is.  “I think we can go higher,” Scott said. “The customer that wants exclusivity. I definitely don’t think this is the limit or the ceiling.”