size gestureSome may be turned away by the idea of a smaller pickup truck like the GMC Canyon in the lineup of new GMC trucks from Thunder Bay Canada this year.  However, we, along with Motor Trend want to make sure you have a clear picture of all that these “small” trucks have to offer before you rule them off of your shopping list without the full idea of all that they actually are.  Accordint to Motor Trend, “We know the new GMC Canyon is a small(er) pickup truck, which should make it a little cheaper to buy and operate, a little handier to maneuver in urban and suburban environments, and a little more sensible for use as daily transportation than full-size trucks. But it also provides an illustration of the elasticity of the word ‘small’.”

Here’s the thing, these GMC trucks are hardly small at all.  The crew cab GMC Canyon has two cargo beds available.  The shorter of the two might be too small for you at 62 inches long.  However, the other choice in size for these GMC trucks from Dominion Motors, gives you a 74 inch bed with an expanding wheelbase of 140.5 inches and a total length of 224.6 inches.  These measurements match the wheelbase of the GMC Yukon XL which is the full size SUV.

The plus side to these (small) GMC trucks is that they are more maneuverable when speeding here and there around town.  They manage to make their way in and out of parking spaces easier than their larger counterparts as well.  Here is a bit of interesting news regarding these new GMC trucks in Canada, compared to the competition.  “Of course, none of the few still engaged in this area of the pickup-truck trade—Honda, Nissan, Toyota, General Motors—would seriously use a term such as “small” to describe their products. They’re mid-size trucks; it’s just that mid-size is now the low end of the scale…”