wash windowThings you will most definitely want to do or not do when it comes to your new and used GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay is likely a list you would rather not have to read.  We will break some of these important things down for you on this site, writing on behalf of your Dominion Motors GMC Truck Dealer and today, we will start with a little window knowledge.

If you do not change out, or at least have a professional change out, your wiper blades regularly then you are making a mistake.  Here is what Pep Boys has to say about the subject of your Thunder Bay GMC Trucks windshield wipers, “Windshield wipers degrade over time. They chatter, they tear and, as a result, leave a streaky wipe behind. The trick is changing your wipers as soon as they don’t clear the windshield well.”  This is typically the first sign, on your GMC Trucks from Canada, that the blades are done and need replacing.  If you wait until the next definite need for them, ie: rain, ice, snow or sleet, you will wish you had addressed them the last time you recognized they were less than great.  Do the replacement when it is still a safe situation and not when you are desperately trying to see.

Another little window information as it pertains to your GMC Trucks from your Thunder Bay GMC Trucks Service department is that you should not be using home glass cleaner on your rear windshield.  This is a fact that is not very well known, unfortunately, as many people make this mistake.   Over time, the ammonia in this home glass cleaner will destroy the heating elements in your rear windshield.  Use, instead, a window cleaner made for automobiles, say experts who have discussed the subject in several articles online.