newnessAs most of us know who pay even a lick of attention to new GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay ON, new trucks have been on the brink of total luxury for some time now.  The response to this particular segment is such that they will likely continue to be seen in and around the Thunder Bay market for years to come.  The pricing can continue to be expected to rise along with the luxury level of the new GMC trucks being sold at your local GMC Trucks dealerships in Thunder Bay.  “Once thought of only as work tools, luxurious pickup trucks have become a huge and profitable market for automakers. A fully-optioned 2018 GMC Sierra Denali reaches to more than $70,000. The redesigned 2019 model will go even higher.”

The truth is, new pickup truck buyers aren’t just concerned with the function of their vehicle anymore. They want comfortable seats, plenty of interior space and intuitive technology all in the same new truck package that they have always sought. They want distinct premium styling along with all of the above. And they want it wrapped around a tough, capable truck that is as functional going off-road or towing a boat as it is on the highway and all of these things lend themselves to a new GMC truck in Thunder Bay that falls into the luxury category.

In our recent research on behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC Truck dealer, we found the following share-worthy quote, “GMC, the upscale truck and SUV division of General Motors, is attacking that market. caught up with Stu Pierce, senior marketing manager for GMC trucks and full-size SUVs, to talk about the marketplace and where the brand fits in.”