sign with best practicesI am writing as a guest on Dominion Motor’s blog site.  In today’s world of cars, trucks and SUVs regardless of the particular facet of the industry from which you operate, one thing matters most…selling more new and used cars. The world of sales at the car dealer level, however, is ever-changing, and the ways in which these businesses operate in the modern world is changing also. Depending on where you live/do business, some are much slower to adjust than others, but the truth is, in order to accommodate a new market, a new industry, there are different business practices that the car dealership must begin to take on.

If I were the owner of a car dealer in Thunder Bay, these are some of the things I would do: I would make all things relate back to digital marketing. This is the future and the present, like it or not. Many dealers are old school. The most successful of the bunch, like your Thunder Bay GMC Truck Dealer in ON, do what it takes to adapt to the ways of the world. The world is digital. Adapt, or lose. Start focusing all of your efforts online. TV and print advertising….hmmm, ask yourself just who looks to this style advertising for persuasion? Spend your ad dollars wisely. If it were my dealership, this is what I would do.

Recognize, though, that all different GMC trucks dealers are just that…different. Another writer puts it like this, “There is no roadmap that works for everyone. Different brands, different demographics, different selling styles – all of these go into determining what I would do if I owned any particular dealership.” I couldn’t agree more, however, there are best practices that apply across the new car dealer board. Please stay tuned to the next several posts where I will discuss just what these specific practices entail. In the meantime, check out our inventory at your Dominion Motors of Thunder Bay and see how the best of the best conduct business in today’s modern car dealership realm.