contentWe began a discussion regarding the GMC trucks in the Canyon lineup in our previous post here on behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC Truck Dealer in Canada.  One of the most important aspects to our previous piece, and one of the most touted aspects of the Thunder Bay GMC Trucks in the Canyon family is the comfort level that you will receive in these new trucks.  Many trucks have the outside ability handled but when you try to sink in to your zone in the front seat, there seems to be no such thing.  In the Thunder Bay GMC Canyon, there are plenty of sweet spots to find your personal comfort in.

These trucks are absolutely more luxurious than the norm also, so if you want a truck with lots of likable features to make the daily commute easier, and enough power to haul a big load on the weekend, we definitely recommend checking out the refined 2017 GMC Canyon.  There are some new features on these trucks also from the latest model year for 2017.  According to Edmunds, “For 2017, the GMC Canyon receives a revised V6 engine that’s paired with a new eight-speed automatic transmission. The V6 is a bit more powerful, though fuel economy ratings do not change significantly. There’s also a new range-topping Denali trim level this year.”

When it comes to trim selection, you really need to decide which comfort features you feel you need or want.  You will need to know that, in addition to which engine and cab configuration to go with.  Most critics recommend the SLE trim for the general truck user.  It comes with a very nice balance of features and is typically moderately priced. You will need to look into which features best suite you in your next GMC Truck from Thunder Bay and then go seek that specific GMC Truck and take it for a test drive today.