brakesThis marks the beginning of our third and final post regarding the new GMC trucks in Canada from your Thunder Bay GMC truck dealership, the GMC Canyon.  We have discussed the three things that make these new trucks dynamic as we know it.  They are the efficiency, power and cleanliness combination that is so unusual to find all in one new machine, as typically you are likely to lose one with the other.  Simply put, it is more likely the case that a new car or new truck will gain power over a previous model, but lose efficiency as a result of that added ability.  These GMC trucks in Thunder Bay ON break this pattern, effectively offering more power, more efficiency and few emissions, resulting in a cleaner, more efficient new truck that has more power and capability than ever before!

From the GMC Canada website we discover the following, “Additionally, a variable-geometry turbocharger helps optimize power and efficiency across the rpm band and a balance shaft contributes to smoothness.”  The new engine in this GMC truck lineup in Thunder Bay is matched with an automatic transmission, more specifically with a Hydra-Matic 6L50 six speed automatic.  This transmission is known for providing significant noise reduction along with a decrease in vibrations through the use of a unique centrifugal pendulum vibration absorber in the torque converter itself.

That isn’t all that the new GMC Trucks from Canada in Thunder Bay offer, either.  “Canyon diesel models also feature a diesel exhaust brake and an integrated trailer brake controller.”  The exhaust brake gives more control over the truck and can also help to drastically reduce the wear and tear on your truck’s brakes, by allowing the GMC Truck to slow down using engine compression instead of braking power, this kicks in and happens when the truck is heading downhill, according to the manufacturer’s description of these features.