GMC Yukon truckA while ago I took the time to test drive several different new and used vehicles on the lot where my husband worked. He has since then moved on to different employment and my test driving days are on hold, if not put to rest. In the meantime, I have several notes and recordings of my documented test drives of the recent past. One of my favorite was on a GMC Yukon. Of all the trucks I drove, GMC trucks made me feel the most empowered by far. The sheer magnitude of these GMC trucks in Thunder Bay ON will make your head swell a little, or at least give you the urge to flex your biceps.

Interestingly enough, despite the overwhelming size of these GMC trucks, the handling is really easy, definitely practical for just about anyone. Here is what one other test driver of new and used GMC trucks had to say on a recent Motor Trend article: “Despite the Yukon’s size, it remains a very easy vehicle to handle. The steering feel is slightly numb but appropriate. The ride is quiet and compliant and nary a harsh bump is felt.”

One really unique and valuable feature, in my opinion, on these 2015 GMC Yukon Trucks from Thunder Bay ON, is the parking assist package. Here is how it works (and with a vehicle of this size, I found it tremendously handy): “The vibrating seat reminds you to look, the backup camera gives you a great view, and the sensor in the front that relays a picture to the instrument panel makes it extremely easy to pull into a space and never trade paint with another vehicle. It’s genius, easy to use, and works as ordered.” I would encourage you to find out more about these new GMC trucks for sale in Ontario. Drop by the Sales department of your Dominion Motors Car dealer and check them out soon. They ask about the auto loans they offer on all of their new and used GMC trucks.