GMC Sierra DisplayFind the new 2014 GMC Sierra at GMC Trucks dealership in Thunder Bay. They have this truck and many others that would be a great addition to your family. Check out all that this 2014 GMC Sierra has to offer.

The new 2014 GMC Sierra has had claims made that this truck is the best that GMC trucks have seen in a long time. When you purchase a new GMC Sierra you are getting some great features along with some beautiful detail work for the exterior of the truck.  One feature that a lot of people really enjoy is the old school ethos that have been included in this model. Every generation of truck that GM puts out the styling just keeps getting better and better and they refuse to get rid of the boxy features that GMC trucks are known for. You will also find LED trimmed headlights with a large grille. This truck has a variety of wheel options for you to choose from. When you purchase a 2014 GMC Sierra you are getting a huge cargo bed which is this trucks biggest perk amongst most men.

Some of the options that you have with this trucks are the accessories that you can purchase to go a long with this truck. These include things for the truck bed like the bed liner, tie down mounts, bed rails, EZ life lower tailgate, and many more. You have the option of chrome front and rear bumpers or you can have them made in the body color of the vehicle you choose and that is done for free.

Come down to Dominion Motors dealership to get an up close look at this truck. Call now and set up an appointment right now to test drive one today.