new driverHere at your GMC Truck Dealership in Thunder Bay, we know that all drivers must start somewhere, and that the rules of the road that we take for granted as being common sense and second nature, weren’t always so.  And, that we have new drivers hitting the roads in their GMC Trucks in Canada every single day.  For those now just being inducted into the world of driving, we have researched and put together a simple list of do’s and don’ts to follow in your GMC Trucks in Canada.

First off, be sure to obey all traffic rules of the road.  Honestly, there is a very good reason that the driving tests, both in the US and Canada, are comprised of not only a driving portion, but also a written test.  There are road signs and right away, plus many other things in between, all of which are imperative to master in order to maintain a safe driving environment for all.  When in doubt…slow down.  One common mistake made by new GMC Truck Drivers in Ontario is to hit the accelerator too much.  Here is what one online writer tells us, “Speeding is one of the leading factors in fatal crashes involving young drivers. Basically, the higher your speed, the less time you have to stop your car and the worse any impact—and subsequent injuries—will likely be.”

Make sure you maintain your new or used car or GMC Truck in Thunder Bay.  By taking it regularly to the GMC Truck Service center in Ontario, you will get the routine oil changes and check-ups that you need in order to ensure optimum ability from your trucks.  This will help you avoid any major malfunctions including breakdowns.  Don’t forget to check your tire pressure regularly also, including the spare!  There is plenty more that you will need to know, like always wear your seat belt, avoid distractions at all costs and adjust the mirrors and seats to fit your body and eyes.  Above all else, listen to others who will teach you the way to drive your new and used GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay the safest way available.