headlightWhen technology comes along and surprises us with all of its vast ability, it is sometimes refreshing to share it with others.  On this particular journey, we will share with you, on behalf of your GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay, some of the latest new car and truck features to hit the scene.  In fact, we have covered some of these already in previous posts and they include such features as tires that will inflate to the point of full, then let you know with the horn when it’s time to stop the airflow along with tires that don’t need air at all.

We decided to move along to headlights and something we recently found in our new and exciting feature research for new GMC Trucks, called “smart headlights”.    Here is what Edmunds has to say about this cool Thunder Bay feature coming soon to a GMC truck dealer near you, “Driving in the rain or snow at night is difficult not only because of the road conditions, but also because car headlights illuminate raindrops and snowflakes rather than the road. Researchers from Carnegie Mellon University have developed a headlight system that combines a camera, projector, beam splitter and an Intel-based processor to reduce the number of raindrops in your field of view.”

If this sounds rather advanced, then it’s probably because it is.  The camera mentioned here, according to your Thunder Bay new and used GMC Trucks in Ontario, detects the drops of rain at the top of the field of view.  Next, the processor involved is able to determine the future location of these raindrops.  The projector, according to the Edmunds article, then reacts to “dis-illuminate” these particles.  It happens so fast…within 13 milliseconds and is only going to happen faster as this technology is perfected further.