stop the hypeSo, the GMC Canyon and the Chevy Colorado went away in 2012 and the Ford Ranger said bye bye shortly thereafter, and since that time, mid size truck lovers have had very little or no choices to suit them on today’s market.  As a result, they have moved themselves into SUVs and crossovers in Ontario, as opposed to driving what they know and love…midsized trucks.  This year, GMC trucks are happy to announce the return of both their very own GMC Canyon, as well as an almost identical Chevy Colorado to help lure the avid mid size truck drivers back behind the wheel of what they really want.

The new GMC trucks we speak of for 2015 at your Dominion Motors of Canada, are nothing like compact trucks, though, make no mistake.  “With a maximum bed length of six feet and with its biggest engine a 3.6-liter V-6, the bigger and more expensive Canyons overlap the base versions of its sibling, the GMC Sierra.”  So, you see the mid size GMC trucks are closer to the full size animals than anything compact.  This is a result of what consumers in and around Ontario have requested, as GMC and the new truck dealers in Canada who sell these GMC trucks are diligent about listening to their customers and only providing what it is they truly seek on the new truck market today.

The GMC Canyon enters back into the scheme of things under no pretenses this year, nor is it any big surprise.  This was intentional on GMC trucks part.  There is no need to hype up the desirable.  The lack of pizazz makes it no less welcome amongst GMC trucks fans by any means.  As a matter of fact, most would agree that the lack of sparkle makes the functionality and release of such a desired model all the more impactful.