new and oldAre you looking for a totally redesigned SUV in the GMC Trucks lineup at your Dominion Motors GMC Truck Dealer in Canada?  Or, are you looking for the tried and true SUV that we know of as the Acadia?  “There’s an all-new 2017 GMC Acadia that’s been completely redesigned, but this isn’t it.  No, this is the 2017 GMC Acadia Limited, which is a carryover of the first-generation model that debuted a decade ago.”

How will you know which of these GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay is best for you?  Well, it really depends on a few things.  “The new model is aiming for a slightly different customer, so there are a few reasons to consider the older model over its more modern sibling.”  How much space you need in your GMC Truck or SUV is the first considering factor.   “The most significant reason is space, as the Limited is quite a bit larger inside and out.  It can seat up to eight passengers, with enough room in the third row to accommodate two adults, which is a rarity in the class. Cargo capacity is also very generous, approaching the space you’d find in a minivan. The newer Acadia maxes out at seven passengers, with much smaller rear seats and less cargo space.”  So, the older one is best for larger families, or those like mine who have more than one hockey player and therefore, huge equipment bags to haul around, along with people.

The newest GMC Acadia in the SUV and GMC Truck family?  Well, with it, you get all of the latest in technology that you, of course, won’t benefit from with the later model and even recent model, but Limited trim level of the older generation GMC Acadia.  However, “you’d be hard-pressed to match the interior volume of the Acadia Limited.”  There are some other full size SUVs to consider in the same class, many of which have been seen for sale at your local dealerships, the Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander are both in the same class, but the GMC Acadia gets a better reputation and does the best in sales at your local GMC Truck Dealer in Thunder Bay.  Swing by and drive one today.