old and new shoesLooking at our second category of discussion, we land upon the subject of GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay ON and we have decided to look closer at the GMC Yukon SUV.  It is actually one of the best SUVs on the market today. “Its engines never feel short on power, and it has a richer cabin than most rivals. While large SUVs aren’t exactly fuel sippers, the Yukon gets better gas mileage than many class rivals. However, some competitors have smoother rides and higher towing capacities than the Yukon, but really most who like the GMC Yukon are not looking for any more than exactly what these Thunder Bay GMC Trucks has to offer.

The Yukon is worth a definite look, especially if you want an upscale SUV that makes a good people hauler as these Thunder Bay GMC trucks do. You always have a choice in a new or used GMC Truck in Thunder Bay as well.  In order to help you decide upon these particular GMC trucks, we have outlined the changes from 2015 to now.  “The current generation of the GMC Yukon began with the 2015 model year, and there have been few major changes since then. The 2016 model added lane keep assist, while the 2017 added low-speed automatic braking. The 2018 Yukon gains a 10-speed transmission in the Denali trim.”  The crux of this decision much be made on the following premise:  You can potentially save thousands of dollars by shopping for a used car instead of a new one, though older models may not have as many features.

You can and should ask around about opinions that are had based on experience with any of the previous GMC Yukon years before deciding which of the GMC trucks in Thunder Bay ON best suits your needs.  Also, check US News reviews on GMC trucks from any and all model years.