Everyone talks about you have to have a big family to want a big SUV.  Well I don’t have a large family.  We have two girls, and let me tell you a large car comes in handy not just sometimes but many times.  You never know when they are going to want a friend to come along with us.  This usually amounts to a friend a piece.  Now I’m up to four children plus my husband.  A van was completely out of the question.  I am not a van type of girl.  I am a mom who wants and needs a car to be both dependable and stylish.  An SUV that can haul all of my girls’ friends to and from school.  The GMC Acadia was just what I was looking for.

With enough room for up to eight passengers, the Acadia is perfect for our family and the extras that seem to always be tagging along.  Comfort, convenience and space is what this crossover is all about.  Behind the third row there is ample space, the most in its class, and underfloor storage. Getting to the third row is easy too with the SmartSlide Seating System or through the middle of the second-row bucket seats.

You will never have to worry about running over one of your kids toys left in the drive with the rear vision camera.  It also makes parking much, much easier.  And as a mom, anything that makes life easier is A-OK in my book.  And speaking about ease of use, the Intellilink multimedia system that is both Bluetooth and voice activated is perfect for the mom on the go.  It comes with an available navigation system too.

The exterior is sleek and very upscale looking with GMC’s notable style. It has both 18 and 19 inch wheel choices. The GMC Acadia is the dream SUV for all moms on the go. Check out this amazing crossover at your GMC Trucks dealer in Thunder Bay.

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