NewOn behalf of your Thunder Bay GMC Truck dealers in Canada, we are continuing our report on some of the newest GMC Trucks in the 2019 lineup and specifically discussing details surrounding the location of their assembly.  It is unknown at this point just when the production of the current model will end and the new GMC Trucks in Thunder Bay will begin.  Jerry Dias, president of Canada’s Unifor union, said he doesn’t know when production of the current model will end.

“They are being very careful about what they are announcing right now. But they have invested a fortune in Oshawa,” Dias said. “Right now the commitment is to the existing portfolio. More decisions will be made.”

The idea of building two different versions of the same nameplate isn’t new to the industry — and certainly not to General Motors, as we have covered much on this subject, also as it pertains to many of the models that reflect heavily upon one another, such as the GMC Sienna and the GMC Sierra.  These two new GMC trucks in Thunder Bay even sound like sisters.  This plant issue with out with the old and in with the new is not a first, as the automaker transitioned to the next-generation Equinox in early 2017, it still produced the outgoing model alongside the new version for a time. Unfinished Equinox vehicles were sent to Oshawa from GM Canada’s Ingersoll, Ont., plant. Eventually, Oshawa stopped receiving the overflow Equinox.  Other manufacturers of new trucks and cars have been known to do the same with old makes that overlap the new.  “At least one of GM’s competitors plans on doing the same thing in the red hot North American truck market. Fiat Chrysler will build the current version of the Ram light-duty pickup well into 2019, even after it launches a redesigned Ram 1500 in early 2018, Automotive News reported on Oct. 31.”

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