pros and consMoving onto the third in four posts regarding the GMC trucks in Thunder Bay ON, we come upon their performance. According to many reviews found online covering new trucks from every angle, the performance of these GMC trucks in the Sierra 1500 lineup is very good. “Performance is good in all 2015 Sierra 1500s, with the V-8s in particular providing enough power for passing, merging, and pulling a large payload.” The ability to tow in these new GMC trucks from Dominion Motors is also excellent, according to most all reviews online. “Towing capability is generous with up to 12,000 pounds of capacity in rear-drive crew cab models with the 5-foot-8-inch long bed.”

Let me move onto the handling which can be rather tricky when it comes to heavy duty trucks. Many of us want and enjoy the idea of a new truck, but then have trouble when it comes to managing one behind the wheel. Well, with the new GMC trucks at your local new truck dealer in Ontario, this won’t be a problem at all. When I drove the GMC Sierra 1500 from this year, I found that the handling felt very under control with a certain confidence that many larger trucks lack on the roadways. The GMC Sierra had this confidence indeed, and as a result instilled a sense of control in me as the driver. “Handling is confident for such a large truck; body control and steering feel are both good…”

The inside is no exception in quality when looking at these new trucks and we will cover the interior aspect of the new GMC trucks in the Sierra 1500 lineup in much greater detail in the fourth and final post upcoming. For now, suffice it to say that the interior design, workmanship, comfort and feel are really the highest appeal when it comes to these new trucks in Thunder Bay. Swing by your local GMC truck dealer and check one out today!