eliteUnbeknownst to some, the new truck market has been sitting on a bit of a goldmine for some time now.  It involves the premium luxury style new and used trucks in the US and Canada and though many manufacturers have been cashing in on this segment for a while now, others are just getting started and have only begun to tap into what this class of new truck can offer.

Here is the latest, explaining just how the GMC trucks are going to go about grabbing their piece of the pie at your GMC truck dealership in Thunder Bay next year.  “With the Denali Ultimate, GMC is hoping to take a bigger chunk of the lucrative premium full-size truck segment than the 15 percent it currently commands, and it’s loaded up the ‘Cowboy Cadillac.’”  Here are just a few of the factors that make this new GMC truck premium to the hilt:  contrasting-stitch leather, 12-way adjustable heated and cooled front passenger seats, and a heated steering wheel, cabins that are equipped with a laundry list of luxurious standard features are also in existence.

At your Dominion Motors of Thunder Bay, our sales team is especially excited about the one thing we think that all buyers will flock to:  the 4G LTE Wi-Fi hot spot.  Who doesn’t love the idea of super-fast internet access while on the go?  No one, that’s who.  And, according to the sales team here at your new and used GMC Truck Dealer in Thunder Bay, there are plenty of people who will utilize and get the most out of the hot spot, depending on what they do for a living.  If you are in sales, for example, think of the deals you can seal while on the move.  Buyers can count on a totally reliable connection for their laptops, phones, whatever their choice of device may be.  The possibilities are endless and we are truly in great anticipation when it comes to these new Denali GMC Trucks in the luxury segment.