Girl in Child Safety SeatOne of the downfalls to owning a truck is that it can be difficult to fit your kids in them with that narrow back seat. Luckily, you don’t have to give up your favorite GMC trucks dealer in Thunder Bay.

GMC has found a fairly simple solution to the well known problem of  small seats and big safety seats. This is exactly what GMC has done with the GMC Canyon midsize pickup. They made one minor adjustment that changed the rules for normal trucks.

There are tons of rules and regulations about car seats and one of those is that 80% of the car seat’s base must be sitting on the bottom cushion of the seat. Usually this is not the case for most extended cab pickups. Most of these mid size trucks have a feature called the jump seat and that create a short bottom cushion which is different than most back seats.

What GMC decided to do with this feature is create an extending jump seat. This feature just uses the headrest from the top and you slide that piece into the bottom seat cushion. It is very easy to manage and you aren’t having to store any extra parts in your truck. This piece adds just enough support to the safety seat that will help to reduce the movement of the seat and also reduce the risk of injury for your child in the case of an accident.

Now that you have the go ahead, come on down and find the perfect truck for you and your children. All the convenience of a truck with the safety features you want to see in a vehicle that you are driving your family around in.