Gmc Logo And Grille.It has been an exciting and eventful year for the GMC truck brand. They have seen a ton of growth and expect to continue to see these remarkable growth spurts throughout this year. They have seen a 12 percent increase in year to date retail sales and 22 percent as a total in sales year to date. It has been since 2006 that GMC has seen sales this great and they had there best month of sales this July. In fact GMC has seen an increase in the sales for every one of their vehicles. GMC stated, “All GMC models had higher sales in July, contributing to six consecutive months of year-over-year retail sales gains.”

The two best selling vehicles for the GMC brand include the Yukon SUV and the Yukon XL SUV. They believe that these two vehicles are the reason they have seen 37 percent over sales increase and an 81 percent increase in retail sales. For the month of July the New Yukon held 79 percent of the retail sales and for the peat six months gave GMC a significant total sales gain.

We also saw some great sales increases for a couple of the Sierra models. They had a total of 6 percent increase for year to date sales and they were up 4 percent for the retail year to date sales. Just like the overall sales, the Sierra had its best month beating sales from July of 2006. One of the best selling Sierra models is, no doubt, the Sierra Denali HD. This vehicle has incredible towing and quality features.

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