cybersecurityContinuing the subject of digital safety in your new GMC trucks in Thunder Bay, we come to the fact that engineers are not always thrilled with the process since it can often times slow their process down.  “This has also been labeled as trampling on a project’s success. This has allowed lax security in the vehicle and as it communicates with third party vendors.”  When time runs short to deal with security in your Thunder Bay GMC trucks from a cybersecurity perspective, the result is not great.  The following paragraph outlines this security risk in new cars and trucks when the process is not given the time it takes to be completed and handled properly.

“When there is not a sufficient amount of time to adequately specify the security requirements, have all parties approve them, and implement this into the design, there are vulnerabilities in the design and implementation. This has been seen over and over with the vehicle attacks on the brakes, the connected vehicle app being insecure, the fob not being secure as it communicates with the vehicle, and many other vulnerabilities that had been researched over the last four years. These methods have not been robust to the level needed for the vehicle attacks (Cho & Shin, 2016).”  Of course, this is not the case with all new cars and trucks.  Speaking for the GMC Trucks in Canada, security has been top notch, still slowing down to make this happen can be a stress from the manufacturer’s perspective.

Things are changing, also, with how the levels of security are being obtained in new GMC Trucks and cars in Thunder Bay.  We will visit the details surrounding these cybersecurity changes in the upcoming posts on behalf of your new GMC Truck sales in Ontario in the next posts to follow on your GMC truck dealer’s behalf.